UK regulator to cut grid connection costs for electric vehicle charging

UK energy regulators have made it one of the main obstacles to installing more electric vehicle chargers along major UK motorways by making charging stations cheaper to connect to the grid. I promised to work on it.

For motorway service operations Long complaint UK energy grid has shown it is slowing the roll-out of EV charging facilities by estimating up to tens of millions of pounds for new connections needed to provide rapid charging . Indeed, local grids often need to be strengthened to meet the growing demand for electricity.

Ofgem’s electric vehicle strategy announced on Saturday promised to reduce the cost of connecting “large electricity consumers” to the local network, such as operators of “reinforced” charging stations.

The regulators proposed that the bill be borne by the operator of the local electricity grid. The cost will then be recovered by network charges from consumers’ energy bills.

The Competition and Markets Authority reported in July that this was “a growing and costly network capacity”. This was a “major obstacle” to ensuring adequate chargers for road services. This is considered important in overcoming the “distance anxiety” of drivers who are afraid of recharging their batteries while driving long distances.

The British minister has agreed to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles and vans in 2030 in an attempt to cut emissions from transport. CMA warns that even in residential areas and supermarkets, 10 times more public chargers will be needed to support the transition to electric vehicles.

Ofgem called the move “a significant change that allows more people to access charging points where they need them.” We also promised to ensure that the energy grid is “ready” for EV adoption in the years to come.

Experts at V said the plan would be useful for both road service providers and companies with large fleets looking to switch from gasoline to diesel.

They also said there would be benefits for businesses and local governments to try and install charging stations in towns and villages for households that do not have access to off-street parking.

Toddington Harper, founder and CEO of Gridserve, opened last year. It is difficult to ensure recharging of electric vehicles. “

“By reimbursing these costs through ongoing network charges paid by all users of the distribution system, it creates the possibility of providing charging infrastructure at many additional locations,” Harper added. ..

John Diviney, CEO of Highway Service Operator Welcome Break, called the proposal “a very positive development for pricing on road networks,” adding connection costs to pricing. It was a “real obstacle to investment” in expanding the facility.

Road Chief of Highway Services Group said:

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