United Airlines to make electric (jet) departure possible in 5 years

United Airlines has announced that the company will buy 100 electric planes from the Swedish manufacturer in which it is investing.

In an announcement posted on its official website, United Airlines announced the investment in Heart Aerospace, which was made with Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Mesa Airlines.

“With this new agreement, United reinforces its bold commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 100% by 2050 without relying on traditional carbon offsets,” the announcement said.

The purchase is subject to it “meeting the carrier’s safety, business and operational requirements,” according to a report by Digital trends.

United Airlines purchases ES-19 electric aircraft

United Airlines is preparing to purchase 100 ES-19 electric planes from Heart Aerospace. In United’s ad, the ES-19 is described as “a 19-seat electric aircraft that has the potential to fly customers up to 250 miles.”

The same announcement also states that Mesa Airlines will also purchase 100 electric planes, subject to similar safety and operating requirements as United Airlines.

The electric plane that Heart Aerospace makes uses electric motors and batteries instead of jet engines and jet fuel. It can accommodate up to 19 passengers, which makes it larger than other electric planes that will be available in the market.

Once the ES-19 is operational and meets the requirements set by United, the company expects it to operate on United Airlines regional routes.

Regional hubs from which the ES-19 can operate include Chicago O’Hare International Airport at Purdue University Airport and San Francisco International Airport at Modesto City-County Airport, according to the Digital Trends report.

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United Airlines goes green and electric

United Airlines’ planned purchase of electric planes is in line with the company’s plans to completely reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Hear Aerospace’s ES-19 will provide passengers with “the convenience of flying without contributing to the carbon emissions that cause climate change,” according to the company’s announcement.

In 2015, United Airlines announced it would fuel its planes with dung fuel, which was made from animal dung and fat, in an effort by the airline to be more environmentally friendly.

Other electric planes in development

(Photo: Screenshot of @metro_hop’s Twitter post)
A new electric plane receives a very special feature! It can take off from a runway of 25 meters!

Just like cars, electrics also seem to be the future of airplanes. Heart Aerospace’s ES-19 electric aircraft joins the list of electric aircraft in development.

Earlier this year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced it was developing its own electric planes. NASA hopes to introduce electric planes by 2035.

North Carolina-based companies Jet It and Jet Club have also announced that they will manufacture electric planes. Earlier this month, Eviatian announced that the production model for its Tesla-type electric plane has arrived and mass production may begin soon.

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