VW: electric vehicles will reach price parity with gasoline-powered cars in just 4 years


The world’s largest automaker estimates that electric vehicles (EVs) will cost about the same as internal combustion cars within four years. In a presentation on the company’s long-term plans yesterday, VW said it expects 50% of its global sales to be electric vehicles by 2030.

A set of bones for many brands

Key to this growth for VW will be its new scalable systems platform. SSP is a unique architecture that VW will use to develop vehicles of many classes and sizes.

Many automakers have taken similar approaches. They involve a chassis, electric motors, batteries, and suspension, all built as a single unit. Designers can resize the chassis up or down to build larger or smaller vehicles. They can vary vehicle characteristics such as horsepower, range and drive system by changing the battery size and including motors on one or both axles.

SSP, says VW, could be used by all of its brands. This includes affordable Volkswagen models, luxury Audi’s, high-performance Porsche cars and ultra-luxury Bentleys. The first vehicles built on the new platform are expected to arrive in showrooms in 2026.

Designing dozens of products on a single basis could drastically reduce the cost of electric vehicles, helping VW meet its price parity goal.

No firm target to end gasoline engines

The company said it expects half of its global sales to be electric by 2030. It has not committed to a deadline for the end of VW internal combustion engines. Smaller rivals, like Volvo, have announced plans to stop building gasoline-powered cars by 2030. None of the major multi-brand automakers have made firm commitments to end gasoline production, but GM said which he planned to sell mainly -electric portfolio by 2035.


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