What’s cooking between Courtney Love and Elon Musk?

San Francisco: As Twitterati asks billionaire Elon Musk to pay more taxes, American singer and actress Courtney Love Cobain joined the debate, tweeting that she had private emails from Tesla CEO and would post them. apparently on social media if Musk didn’t pay a fair share of federal taxes.

The tech billionaire attacked Bernie Sanders on Twitter last month after the US senator demanded that the wealthy pay their “fair share” of taxes.

Tagging Sanders’ tweet, Courtney Love posted: “@elonmusk, do you know your str8, male, PayPal mafia messaging group? I was on bcc for MONTHS on this stuff. With that information in mind, don’t you think that in a “civilized society” we should be willing to pay our fair share of taxes? Don’t take it out on Bernie. It’s Kendall Roy.

She hadn’t revealed any private emails from Musk on Friday, however.

Last month, Musk and Sanders tweets made the rounds on Twitter.

“We have to demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share,” Sanders said in a tweet.

Musk responded to the 80-year-old Vermont senator by saying, “I always forget you’re still alive” and later raised the possibility of selling more Tesla shares, which would force him to pay taxes.

“Do you want me to sell more stocks, Bernie?” He tweeted.

The CEO of Tesla has so far sold shares worth $ 10.9 billion. This equates to 10.1 million shares in total.

In early November, the richest person in the world tweeted that she would sell 10% of her stock if users of the social media platform approved of it. A majority of them agreed with the sale.


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