Why the Lucid Air is more attractive than the Mercedes-Benz EQS

You could say that comparing electric vehicles is like comparing apples to apples, especially if you are of the school of thought that when the motor is gone, cars are essentially vehicles of interchangeable battery powered transport.

But from what we’ve seen so far, in a short time, these BEVs aren’t all about just hum and zero emissions – there are a wide variety of styles, shapes and designs available. different interiors, not to mention very different performance and range. .

Of course, performance and range usually increase with price, but here we are looking Lucid – who might be onto something with their first offer.

This luxury sedan from the California startup is, they hope, the new rival in the luxury electric car segment.

Let’s see how it performs against a premium German rival, which is similar in many ways. But as we’ll see, the Lucid Air has a few things up its sleeve.

Lucid Air vs. Mercedes-Benz EQS: the battle of electric super sedans

Via: Lucid
Via: Lucid

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is a luxury, premium sedan, with a high entry point of $ 100,000 and a host of technologies and features to justify the price.

Available in two models, the EQS480 + and the 580 4Matic, horsepower ranges from 329 hp to 516 hp in the more expensive and faster version, while 0-60 mph is in the 4 to 5 range, 5 seconds.

You get up to 350 miles of range and a few chassis tricks like adaptive air suspension and 4-wheel steering.

Inside, the cabin has all the features and opulence one would expect from the German marque, with an optional huge 56-inch screen.

Aside from the superior range and horsepower on offer, the Tesla Model S isn’t as good as an EQS either, so the Air has its work cut out for it.

Why the Lucid might be a better bet than the German super-EV has a multi-part answer, but it’s not just numbers on paper, of course.

It is a car that many people will like whether they can buy one or not; it’s a left-field, original and an alternative to the usual brands that everyone will buy – like the EQS or its various stable mates.

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Lucid’s Air is the first electric vehicle, which its manufacturer dropped from the park

Via: Ohlardigital
Via: Ohlardigital

It has an interesting name, not just a set of numbers – giving it personality, while the trims also have unique names, and the design, while sleek and refined, has a style that somehow refuses to conform.

You won’t see much of it on the road either, despite Lucid’s promise to grow to 400,000 per year – the first 20 were delivered last year in Q3.

Either way, the Air’s very important specs will win the Top Trump battle against the EQS and even the Model S for that matter.

2.5 seconds trumps everything but the Tesla Model S Plaid, although that’s good enough for anyone unless you’re a YouTuber making money from drag strip videos.

The range is up to a whopping 520 miles and horsepower will be offered up to 1,111 – better than even the Plaid at a measly 1,020 hp.

A charging capacity of 300 kW gets a charge of 300 miles for a 20 minute charge suitable for lattes, while 4WD will provide traction when you pull away from Starbucks.

The final bonus is that if you just want EQS levels of performance and don’t worry about racing Tesla Model S Plaids – Lucid has the entry-level Pure car for sale for around $ 75,000.

That cuts the EQS by around $ 30,000 and for that, you’ll still get all the individuality, 14 cameras, 5 radars, and 32 sensors, plus 400 miles of range with 480 hp via the rear wheels.

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