Zero Electric Vehicles, Inc. (ZEV) Announces Class 3 Conversion Kit to Remove 144 Million Pounds of CO2 Emissions from Our Atmosphere in 12 Months

ZEV’s proprietary platform enables rapid conversion of diesel and gasoline utility and passenger vehicles to 100% electric vehicles without changing vehicle weight distribution or payload capacity. This conversion kit is currently available for Class 3 Sprinter 2500 utility and passenger vans and will quickly expand to other vehicle types including the Ford Transit. “Fleet operators and businesses now have access to financial incentives to start their electrification journey. ZEV is uniquely positioned to work and support forward-thinking fleet owners who want to take center stage and demonstrate industry leadership. ZEV’s Class 3 Conversion Kit provides our customers with the lowest cost of entry for a fully electric van, quick installation, and a positive return on investment that extends the life of their vehicle assets. Our goal is to accelerate electrification on this high-volume vehicle platform, to support our customers throughout their electrification journey and their use of this opportunity to promote sustainable transport solutions for companies. from all over the world “added James maury, President of ZEV.

Using the slogan ‘Together, let’s take matters in hand’, ZEV mobilizes like-minded companies who understand that the switch to electrification is not only good for their business, but also a necessary measure that demonstrates leadership by encouraging others to promote a more sustainable approach to transportation for the planet. Please see our Class 3 conversion kit page to find out more.

“Today there are hundreds of thousands of Sprinter vans on the roads in the United States. In a typical year, 45,000 Sprinter vans are sold, primarily used for commercial operations. If even half of the vans sold in a year are diesel engines, these vans alone add more than 2 million pounds of CO.2 emissions to air during normal daily operation. In a typical work year, a single diesel van will produce over 27,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions. Businesses can see a solid ROI and have an incredible impact even if they only convert one van. Our initial goal is to convert 5,000 vans and save over 144 million pounds of CO2 to be emitted in our atmosphere “said James johnson, Sales Director of ZEV.

The road to EV adoption is closer than we think. ZEV is a company committed to helping everyone go electric. ZEV is EV for everyone.

For more information and how to get involved.

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CO2 Estimate is based on EPA values ​​of 22.2 lbs CO2 emissions from a gallon of diesel. A single delivery van consumes an average of 4 to 5 gallons per business day. A work year is assumed to be 261 days. 5,000 vans x 5 gallons per day x 22.2 lb CO2 per gallon x 261 days = 144,855,000. There are currently 3.4 million vans and trucks registered on the road in Arizona alone.

About ZEV:

Zero Electric Vehicles INC. (“ZEV”) is a Arizona software-defined electric vehicle manufacturing. ZEV’s proprietary manufacturing process enables rapid development and training of EV system models to meet the demands of new EV customers. ZEV’s broad portfolio of technologies in applied power management intelligence and BEV thermal control provides highly scalable and configurable VE for commercial and consumer customers.

ZEV strives for the highest standards for “next generation” electric vehicles by providing reliable, high-value products to customers around the world. ZEV – EV for everyone.

For more information:

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Telephone: (480) 780-7338


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